Sunday, May 30, 2010

White Scars, part 4

ok starting everything transport, haha. 2 drop pods, 2 landraiders, 2 razorbacks. yep, I do beleave I will have snow blindness. this will help put a lot of large models on the table, and landraiders are fun!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

White Scars, part 3

dread's are done, well enough that they are ready for delivery. If you are in the St John's area of newfoundland, head down to Sword 'n' Steele and have a closer look. I know, White Scars don't use dreads, haha. Yet, they are marines, and besides drop pod ironclads works great in a White Scars list.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

White Scars, part 2

been working on the 4 dread's, after spending a little time magnetizing the guns under the arms, i took a second look at the codex and realized, for ironclad, the best option for the dual close combat dread arms are the flamers. and if you want the meltagun, might as well use the chainfist. So, I glued it all. haha. all the arms are magnetized so they can be swapped.

On the topic of dreads, here is one that i've been working on for my blood angels. anyone recognize it? hint: the bulk of it came from an official gw conversion, from way back in the day when they sold conversion kits.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bahz's Tyranid's, DoM wip

my idea of a doom is that of a soul sucking brain monster! I geuss, that's actually what it is, but what to do?

the base: the thought is to use that little tyranid terrain peice from one of the starter sets, can't recal which one, as a base. it has that same little peice that curls up that makes a zoanthrope look like it's floating.

the body: a venomthrope body, its got larget spine exhasts, and the posion sacks can be more brainmatter, too much brain in the doom to confine to a head! hehe.

the head: zoanthrop head, mawloc jaw, carnifex head. i'll be using the top part of a fex head to help make the mouth area look larger and more menacing.

here is the starting concept layed out on my workbench

White Scars, part 1

ok, so heres the story so far... "the, to do"
kor khan - standard model
kor khan on moondraken - conversion
two sets of aobr marine stuff (22 dudes, 10 termies, 2 dreads)
6 command squad bikes
24 bikes
4 attack bikes
2 landraiders
3 predators
2 razorbacks
4 landspeeders
1 landspeeder storm
10 sternguard
10 mk2 vets
10 devastator marines
10 assault marines
10 vanguard vets
2 ironclad dreds
5 assault termies
5 standard termies (might just do special weapon ones to swap with aobr ones)
10 assault marines
20 space marines
2 drop pods
1 librarian - conversion
I think that's everything

done so far... don't have pics of the done stuff yet, have to do that later.
16 aobr marines
20 space marines
2 preadators - fully mag'd
1 librarian conversion
here's some stuff i've got based .. sorry for the picture quality, these were taken with a web cam

here are the command squad bike conversions so far, stormsheilds on all, meltaguns on 4, 2 special looking sheilds for the captain and appothicary

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Here I will be posting pics and updates to my bloodthirster as I paint him. The first set of pics are after I have assembled most of him and given him a spray of white base coat. While modeling I had to pin everything. The wing I especially had some trouble with. The nobs which the wings are supposed to sit onto were way to big and had to be filed down. I made an attempt at simply pinning the wings and gluing them on but that proved to still cause some problems, so I ended up using some green stuff to help it adhere and fill in the gaps between the wings and the body. Worked like a dream. I haven't had much experience with green stuff but I may end up using it more often, especially since my primary army is Daemons and everything is pewter. Ok, so onto the I said the first set are simply with a basecoat of white.

(Note on the pics: Sorry for any grainy images. The first pics I have taken with my cell phone. Once I start Adding more detail to the model I will use a better camera.)

Next I have a couple with the first bit of red applied. At this point I have watered down some Mechrite Red(Don't ask the ratio, I just do it til it's the way I want it haha) and applied 2 coats. Simple enough.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

ok, lets start rolling!

Hello, I'm Bahz, and this is the start of our wargaming blog. Mostly about warhammer 40k; projects, games, and thoughts on warhammer stuff in general. we might sneak in a little d&d, axis, or any other game we can get our grubby mits on from time to time.

our group plays blood angels, chaos marines, daemons, imperial guard, necrons, space wolves, tau, tyranids, and orks. did I forget anything? we'll get some models and batreps up.

You'll see random things being done with our armies and two huge appoc-sized projects for a local store Sword 'n' Steele, White Scars vs. Hive Fleet Behemoth. expect a lot of that!
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