Monday, August 30, 2010

Skulltaker's Juggernaut

Here is a quick conversion of Skulltaker riding a Juggernaut. I might replace the flaming skull with a shield or a standard or simply just a claw hand, I'm not a big fan of the flaming skull.

White Scars, part 5 - Moondrakken mkII

The White Scars need a leader, so here's the new design for the Khan's bike - Moondrakken. Peter at Sword'n'Steele wanted something meaner with more muscle than the last version. although it had more of a chopper feel, it was still really close to what the current command squad bikes look like, just with the daemon skull on it. so, I made it longer, more pipes, some blades on the front. I like it, it stands out and looks mean.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Project Weirdboy Pt 3

Well I have him done. I have used Bleach Bone for the bones and cloth wrappings. I used Bad Moon Yellow for the eyes. For all the metal pars I used Boltgun Metal, Tin Bitz and Shining Gold. And Bestial Brown for the leather. Once dry I gave a coating of Devlan Mud and wala completed.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Project Weirdboy Pt 2

Okay base coat was done and I put some of the primary color to the model. I started with the green cause of course its an Ork. I like using a ligher green, so I stuck to the good old Goblin Green. I also have used Snot Green as well but I do find that after a coat of wash the details are nice and it looks more fleshy.

Then it was time for the clothing. To me when I think of a Weirdboy I think of a wizard....its strange but it does lol. And to me purple is the only choice for the robes. So I gave him a coat of Liche Purple. I was also debating going with a dark blue or a gray so it might be changed by next week.

I then turned my attention to the Gretchin holding him back. I started out doing a Bad Moons army, but I have a large number of painted ork models on loan in my collection painted many different colors so I said why not do a Waaagh instead. In my army the burners are members of the Evil Suns, I use them in trucks to drive up and blast groups of troops. So looking at the model the Gretchin look like they are wearing little flamer gloves to protect themselves for the energy from the Weirdboy. I gave them a coat of Mechrite Red with the plan to put a coat of Blood Red over it.

I am hoping to get back at this tommorow and lay down some more base colors and maybe start in on some of the details and clean up so miss strokes.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Project Weirdboy

So good news everyone, My grandmother is feeling better so now I have time to do a step by step instruction for an new model. Sense someone bought the Big Mek with Shokk attack gun not knowing that it was mine (lol) I picked up a Weirdboy to paint. So here he is! I assembled him last night and of course like every metal model he was a pain in the butt to put together. I managed to and cleaned him up a but i am sure I missed some the metal for the injection points and this guy has lots of them.
I use to use the GW chaos black which I found worked well but it only had one problem.........Its 15 bucks. I now use Krylon flat finish paints and I have to say I like them, the work well on plastic and metal and most importantly its only $4.99 a can.
So with the base coat done I find it easier to spot any sections that might need a little cleaning. So I now have it cleaned up a little better and another light coat of black put on. Hopefully if I have the time tomorrow I will start doing the base colors.

Boss Zagstruk

Well Sence my last post I have bounced around from Orks to Space Wolves. Now I like doing my other minis, Orks are always what I fall Back on.

I just finished putting together and painting a 5 man long fang squad and a lone wolf with trophy deamon wings mounted on his back pack and I planned on picking up old Zagstruck to do a step by step instruction of painting him for the blog.

Well as some of you already know My grandmother fell ill over the last few months and my plan to do the boss for here got put to the wayside. I ended up painting him to relax over that time and I only just snapped a few pics of him now and slaped them up. So Enjoy.

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