Thursday, May 20, 2010

White Scars, part 1

ok, so heres the story so far... "the, to do"
kor khan - standard model
kor khan on moondraken - conversion
two sets of aobr marine stuff (22 dudes, 10 termies, 2 dreads)
6 command squad bikes
24 bikes
4 attack bikes
2 landraiders
3 predators
2 razorbacks
4 landspeeders
1 landspeeder storm
10 sternguard
10 mk2 vets
10 devastator marines
10 assault marines
10 vanguard vets
2 ironclad dreds
5 assault termies
5 standard termies (might just do special weapon ones to swap with aobr ones)
10 assault marines
20 space marines
2 drop pods
1 librarian - conversion
I think that's everything

done so far... don't have pics of the done stuff yet, have to do that later.
16 aobr marines
20 space marines
2 preadators - fully mag'd
1 librarian conversion
here's some stuff i've got based .. sorry for the picture quality, these were taken with a web cam

here are the command squad bike conversions so far, stormsheilds on all, meltaguns on 4, 2 special looking sheilds for the captain and appothicary

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