Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Here I will be posting pics and updates to my bloodthirster as I paint him. The first set of pics are after I have assembled most of him and given him a spray of white base coat. While modeling I had to pin everything. The wing I especially had some trouble with. The nobs which the wings are supposed to sit onto were way to big and had to be filed down. I made an attempt at simply pinning the wings and gluing them on but that proved to still cause some problems, so I ended up using some green stuff to help it adhere and fill in the gaps between the wings and the body. Worked like a dream. I haven't had much experience with green stuff but I may end up using it more often, especially since my primary army is Daemons and everything is pewter. Ok, so onto the pics...like I said the first set are simply with a basecoat of white.

(Note on the pics: Sorry for any grainy images. The first pics I have taken with my cell phone. Once I start Adding more detail to the model I will use a better camera.)

Next I have a couple with the first bit of red applied. At this point I have watered down some Mechrite Red(Don't ask the ratio, I just do it til it's the way I want it haha) and applied 2 coats. Simple enough.

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