Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bahz's Tyranid's, DoM wip

my idea of a doom is that of a soul sucking brain monster! I geuss, that's actually what it is, but what to do?

the base: the thought is to use that little tyranid terrain peice from one of the starter sets, can't recal which one, as a base. it has that same little peice that curls up that makes a zoanthrope look like it's floating.

the body: a venomthrope body, its got larget spine exhasts, and the posion sacks can be more brainmatter, too much brain in the doom to confine to a head! hehe.

the head: zoanthrop head, mawloc jaw, carnifex head. i'll be using the top part of a fex head to help make the mouth area look larger and more menacing.

here is the starting concept layed out on my workbench

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