Friday, July 29, 2011

Grey Knights

So I haven't posted in a year mostly due to the lack of a camera. I have taken some pics with my Iphone of my new Grey Knights army I have started. I am tired of having only partly painted army to play with so I have made a rule that I can not have any more that 2 boxes of models until they are 100% done. So far I have a 5 man squad of marines done and a 5 man squad of termies and a Dreadknight almost complete.

I am trying something different with this army and I am starting to use airbrushes. I am using a color layer spraying style to make a since of having a light source. Here is a few picks that I have, not the greatest pics but i am hoping that before the end of the year I will have a digital SLR cam like Bahz's so I can take some pics and so some step by step on how I spray and some conversions.

The bottom pic is almost what my Dreadknight looks like now, I have a bit more of the details filled in. I have a Bloodletter coming in from ebay that I am gloing to place on the metal plate standing off against the Dreadknight.

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