Friday, May 13, 2011

Tyranids, Tervigon with 8 limbs?

ok so, I was messing around with the tervigon concept again. Just trying to make it less like a carnifex. I have a plan to put the third row of spine vents on them, but waiting on the parts. anyway, I was thinking about support talons, like in the description, to support it's weight. I mocked up putting an extra set of talons, which actually doesn't look too bad, but it put's the limb count up to 8! Although, it doesn't look to bad, just trying to decide should they be more front and defensive, or on the sides and open. what do you think? like them? front or side?

Edit: I have an idea; I could stick to six limbs and still get the extra support talons, with two forarms at the elbow! Just like the venomcannons and other large bioweapons. The arm starts off normal which then splits at the elbow with two forearms, just like the venomcannon. but instead of the two hands fused to the gun, the hands each have scything talons.


Warflake said...

Tyranids are gonna be my next army for sure. And the possibilities for conversion are endless which I like being that I'm just starting out and having things I can play around with would be fun. And I've watched alot of battle reports and they are awesome on the battlefield. So look great and are nasty in battle=win.

O'Shashar said...

I love the idea of it having 8 separate limbs over the split limbs as should make it look more foreboding. Aas long as it stays similar enough to be recognised as a Nid rather than a spider.

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