Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I love blu-tac! dark eldar grotesques!

I was just fiddling with ideas for my Dark Eldar army and working on conversions for a Urien Rakarth unit. I'm using Island of Blood rat ogres as standard grotesques and a daemon prince as the grotesque aberration. here's a pic of what I'm thinking about.

There's a few thing's I'm still hammering out: I'm not sure if I like the armpit rending claw on the aberration. For his right arm, I'll probably cut off the claw thing just above the needle tip, to move the flesh gauntlet back to the wrist. I was thinking just replacing the left arm with a Talos one with the big scythe on it.

All together not bad, I really just wanted to see how a daemon prince size grotesque aberration goes with IoB rat ogre sized grotesques.

Here is the unit that I am building:

Urien Rakarth
Haemonculus - liquifier, agonizer
Grotesque - aberation, flesh gauntlet
Grotesque - liquifier


davetaylor said...

These look very cool. I think you've got a great looking unit right there.


DuendE said...

Great conversions !

Great Blog!

Im following you!

You can follow me too, i Got a Painting blog!

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