Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tyranids, Tervigon!

Here are the claws from the previous Tyranid post, put on the Tervigon. She's still a bit of a work in progress, I've been thinking about some additions: maybe breaking the old 6 limb rule and putting some small warrior talons front chest, or coming up with an actual termagant hatching thing, or eggsac or something. I also plan on putting it on a large Trygon base with some gaunts, because I'm really big on the suffix's determine base size, Trygon-Tervigon, Carnifex-Tyranofex.

Anyway, here she is thus far. Trygon body and big claws, Carnifex leds/tail/head. The mandibles are the Trygon prime mandibles cut down, keeping a bit of the tube thats on it to go reach behind the head a bit. I magnetized the inside a little so I could attach a clusterspine carapace peice if I wanted to, or just attach some sort of back mounted cannon and make them Tyrannofex's.


Joe Goeku said...

I see you're really good with model conversions.
Maybe you could expand the tyranid designs to an even larger variety of insects.
Usually, I only see the usual Tyranid conversions into:
But I've been drawing my own Alien Species [Original Race] called Necromads and I thought to myself:
Why not draw something that resembles a centipede?
And the only reason why I'm suggesting this is because I don't see too much variety in Tyranid conversion designs.
I'm hoping this doesn't come off as a Request, but a suggesting:
Basing future Tyranid designs on different types of real-world animals.
One obvious example of a centipede/Tyranid could be a Trygon/Mawloc.
Speaking of Trygons, I was re-watching National Geographic on sea-creatures, and couldn't help but notice that this species of Shrimp called the "Mantis Shrimp" looks like a Trygon.
-Mantis arms
-Little limbs along the elongated body
-Sometimes burrows
I don't know, but you seem highly adept with model conversions.
I'd consider myself decent, but I just don't have the time or money to buy/convert models. So I'm just offering these little ideas to who ever.
Oh and have a picture of a "Mantis Shrimp" http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m31xond1e91ru6kxco1_500.jpg

Joe Goeku said...

Oh and when I say "And the only reason why I'm suggesting this is because I don't see too much variety in Tyranid conversion designs."
I'm just talking about Tyranid conversions every where in general.

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