Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tyranids, Harpy!

Here is the Harpy. Using the left over bits from the trygon kit used to make the Tervigon, a Carnifex tail and body, 2 venomcannons (but you could easily use barbedstranglers if you would like.), and of course balrog wings. I also used a pair of spinefists for the spore-bomb-bay doors, right where the rod goes in.

Speaking of the rod for the flying base, I used a #6 machine screw and some washers for added weight so the thing wouldn't tip over on me. inside the Harpy is a half inch long #6 standoff, that sucker is screwed into the Carnifex body with a short #6 screw through the hole in the Carnifex body that the little knob on the tail section fits into.

I think im going to add some poison sacs to the tail peice, right where the talon is, kind of like the trygon tail. I was also thinking of doing something like the garoyles, with a spike on the nose.

anywho, here's the pics!


Ruina said...

Now that... Is awsome! Could easily be the official model from GW :D

Papa JJ said...

Fantastic work, that's a great looking model. Very cool!

Roger said...

Great Work!

Anonymous said...

Great! Amazing! Fantastic! You motivated me to create my owm Harpy using Tervigon/Trygon box, Balrog Wings, and the Oval Valkyrie Base+Stand. Thank you for posting!

Nurglitch said...

That is the best Harpy conversion I've yet seen. Nice work!

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