Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Project Weirdboy

So good news everyone, My grandmother is feeling better so now I have time to do a step by step instruction for an new model. Sense someone bought the Big Mek with Shokk attack gun not knowing that it was mine (lol) I picked up a Weirdboy to paint. So here he is! I assembled him last night and of course like every metal model he was a pain in the butt to put together. I managed to and cleaned him up a but i am sure I missed some the metal for the injection points and this guy has lots of them.
I use to use the GW chaos black which I found worked well but it only had one problem.........Its 15 bucks. I now use Krylon flat finish paints and I have to say I like them, the work well on plastic and metal and most importantly its only $4.99 a can.
So with the base coat done I find it easier to spot any sections that might need a little cleaning. So I now have it cleaned up a little better and another light coat of black put on. Hopefully if I have the time tomorrow I will start doing the base colors.

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