Monday, March 12, 2012


Here is my first attempt at a warmachine army. The main colors are done but still need to do some touch ups. Also it has now wash over it. I will post more once they are done.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I love blu-tac! dark eldar grotesques!

I was just fiddling with ideas for my Dark Eldar army and working on conversions for a Urien Rakarth unit. I'm using Island of Blood rat ogres as standard grotesques and a daemon prince as the grotesque aberration. here's a pic of what I'm thinking about.

There's a few thing's I'm still hammering out: I'm not sure if I like the armpit rending claw on the aberration. For his right arm, I'll probably cut off the claw thing just above the needle tip, to move the flesh gauntlet back to the wrist. I was thinking just replacing the left arm with a Talos one with the big scythe on it.

All together not bad, I really just wanted to see how a daemon prince size grotesque aberration goes with IoB rat ogre sized grotesques.

Here is the unit that I am building:

Urien Rakarth
Haemonculus - liquifier, agonizer
Grotesque - aberation, flesh gauntlet
Grotesque - liquifier

Friday, July 29, 2011

Grey Knights

So I haven't posted in a year mostly due to the lack of a camera. I have taken some pics with my Iphone of my new Grey Knights army I have started. I am tired of having only partly painted army to play with so I have made a rule that I can not have any more that 2 boxes of models until they are 100% done. So far I have a 5 man squad of marines done and a 5 man squad of termies and a Dreadknight almost complete.

I am trying something different with this army and I am starting to use airbrushes. I am using a color layer spraying style to make a since of having a light source. Here is a few picks that I have, not the greatest pics but i am hoping that before the end of the year I will have a digital SLR cam like Bahz's so I can take some pics and so some step by step on how I spray and some conversions.

The bottom pic is almost what my Dreadknight looks like now, I have a bit more of the details filled in. I have a Bloodletter coming in from ebay that I am gloing to place on the metal plate standing off against the Dreadknight.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Tyranids, Tervigon with 8 limbs?

ok so, I was messing around with the tervigon concept again. Just trying to make it less like a carnifex. I have a plan to put the third row of spine vents on them, but waiting on the parts. anyway, I was thinking about support talons, like in the description, to support it's weight. I mocked up putting an extra set of talons, which actually doesn't look too bad, but it put's the limb count up to 8! Although, it doesn't look to bad, just trying to decide should they be more front and defensive, or on the sides and open. what do you think? like them? front or side?

Edit: I have an idea; I could stick to six limbs and still get the extra support talons, with two forarms at the elbow! Just like the venomcannons and other large bioweapons. The arm starts off normal which then splits at the elbow with two forearms, just like the venomcannon. but instead of the two hands fused to the gun, the hands each have scything talons.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

White Scars, part 8 - HQ and Devastators

Obviously still plucking away at the White Scars, Just finished up some of the HQ's and the Devastators. I'll be working on a couple of Razorbacks and Landraiders next. Not much to talk about, but the librarian, he's an old one that I had in my bits box, put a chaos warrior cloak on there and he's done, oh and the backpack is magnetized just in case someone wants to put a jump pack on him, hahaha.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

White Scars, part 7 - Terminators!

Still working on the White Scars, about halfway done now. Just finished up the terminators last night and are currently painting  some devastators. I like how the Terminators turned out, as with most of my White Scars, I like to leave the red highlight to something small. So, on the Terminators, I freehanded a line around the shoulder plate sheild. I've been thinking about doing a red scar across one of the eyes of all the dudes, but I can save that for later, after the army is basically done.

anyway, here they are!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

White Scars, part 6 - Drop Pods!

I've been working away on the tyranids, building an old one eye - tyrannofex conversion. Pondering a way to use barbed strangers as a lower jaw for a tyrannofex head, I looked over at the White Scars project gathering dust and got the motivation to start working on them again. So here are the finished drop pods, pretty standard stuff.

I thinking of painting the globe inside Ice blue, but the wife likes them plain like this. Plain is less work, hahaha. I'm still touching up the white, I've made mistakes and flicked black or silver around. Since thats gotta be fixed, I might change my mind on the blue while I'm at it

Like all the other White Scars that I've been doing, you will notice there is very little red details, I'm looking at doing some freehand designs for that. For the troops, I think that I've settled on a red lightning bolt across their left eyes. For the tanks, I've not yet decided.
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